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The market is flooded with different styles of spectacles. Since wearing spectacles is ray ban outlet store sale no longer seen as a style ta ray ban wayfarer white boo, brands have a wide range of collection, from which a customer can choose his or her favorite pair. But before you go onto selecting your favorite pair of spectacles, it is best to understand your face shape. Every funky design may not complement your face shape. Find out more here. Kinds of face shape Generally, face shapes can be classified into 4 5 different categories. These are a Square-shaped b Rectangular-shaped c Round-shape d Oval-shaped e Triangular-shaped Spectacles for square-shaped faces Square faces are characteriz ray ban sunglasses on sale ed by a square jaw line, which means to say that the width of the face is equal to its length. People with square faces should opt for curved frames. Round frames, oval frames and cat eye frames look the best on them. If you wish to wear a rectangular frame,...
Whats common between an Air Force pilot and Michael Jackson? A pair of sunglasses! What brings these distinct personalities together is the pair of Aviator sunglasses on their eyes! There is something about the men in uniform that gives them a unique charm and unbeatable style. Thats the reason why Aviator sunglasses, designed for the U.S. pilots back in 1937, became such a rage with celebrities and commoners alike, and continue to be so. Beginnings of the legend Starting with Gen. Douglas MacArthur of the US Army, who landed on a beach in Philippines, sporting a pair of dazzling Aviators in 1942, to the young and happening celebrities of today, stylish Aviator shades have impressed one and all. Sported by celebrities from all walks of life, these tear-drop shaped shades continue to capture the imagination of many. Rock n roll The love for Aviator sunglasses continued well into the 60s, when British musicians Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were photographed wearing the classy sh...
Studious, chashmish or four-eyes, the terms reserved for people wearing a pair of spectacles dont hold any meaning now. Today, wearing a pair of spectacles has become the fashion statement. Specs have become the new in thing. With even the most fashionable celebrities sporting specs, it is the best time to be a four-eyed! Dont miss out on the latest craze for wearing spectacles, as it not only adds to a stylish persona, but keeps one in pace with the latest technology too. Way to go specy! Vision problem or not, its the best time to invest in a pair of stylish spectacles to keep pace with the latest fashion. Try zero-power lenses, paired with a trendy frame which protect eyes from sunlight and keep one looking trendy. M ray ban sunglasses for women ake a look A pair of spectacles is one accessory which can make or break a look. One can project a look one desires with the right kind of eyeglasses. Enhance a formal look with a slick pair of rimless specs or go vintage-chic with a fe...
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